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California State Bargaining Unit 12
IUOE Locals 3, 39 and 501

IUOE Locals 3, 39, and 501 collectively represent some 250 city, county, special districts, and schools bargaining units within the Public Sector in addition to State Unit 12. The three Locals have some 150 full time Union business agents actively servicing the membership, a team of Union Legislative Representatives who monitor all legislation, actively oppose harmful legislation, actively carry bills that are beneficial to our members.

Because Unit 12 is a single state-wide unit, the four IUOE locals agreed to represent the employees jointly. A Central Office was established in Sacramento and each Local appointed a Unit 12 Coordinator. These local coordinators represent the Unit 12 workers within their jurisdiction and coordinate with the Central Office for administration of Unit 12 employees throughout the State.

Each of the Locals is independent and separate, each with an elected Business Manager, officers, and each has a Board of Directors elected by the membership. Unit 12 workers are full members of their IUOE local, with all member rights and obligations.

In addition to the paid Union staff, a network of some 650 Unit 12 work-site stewards across the State are actively engaged in any matter that affects our members’ wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Locals 3 is an Operating Engineer local while 39 and 501 are Stationary Engineer locals.

Locals 3 and 39 have jurisdiction in Northern California. Local 501 has jurisdiction in Southern California. Northern California is roughly all territory north of an east-west line through Bakersfield. Southern California is the territory south of that line.

Each worker who is a member of State Unit 12, depending on their classification and the geographic location of their employment, is individually assigned to the IUOE Local that has jurisdiction over that geographical area for representation and voting purposes.