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Each worker who is a member of State Unit 12, depending on their classification and the geographic location of their employment, is individually assigned to the IUOE Local that has jurisdiction over that geographical area for representation and voting purposes. These include Local 3, Local 39 or Local 501.

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  • Unit 12 is a statewide bargaining unit with over 11,000 employees who perform maintenance, operations, logistics, and other duties for the State of California.
  • Unit 12 is comprised of approximately 200 state classifications and over 100 specialty jobs.
  • Unit 12 employees play a critical role in the everyday life of Californians, ensuring water delivery, maintaining highways, and providing skilled trades services.
  • Unit 12 employees also serve as emergency responders during natural disasters such as fires, floods, and landslides.
  • In addition to their daily duties, Unit 12 employees handle shipping, receiving, tracking, and transporting of commodities throughout the state, including emergency response equipment.

 International Union
of Operating Engineers

IUOE represents diversified trades, including operating engineers and stationary engineers in the construction industry, health industry workers, and public employees. IUOE aims to protect wages, reduce healthcare costs, and improve contractors’ competitiveness. With over 400,000 members in 123 local unions, IUOE is the 10th largest union in AFL-CIO, and provides training programs to ensure highly skilled workers.

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